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Treats for Elizabeth's dog!

We met Elizabeth and her pregnant dog at the end of our day, after making a full circle around the Grand Central Station area, right outside our starting point at TD Bank. She was very moved that someone stopped to talk to her and hear her story, and we were delighted to chat with our new friend and local neighbor. She and her boyfriend missed a bus that cost them a job with a popular tech company, so she spent some time working as a maid to help earn some money. She is very interested in urban farming and sustainability and would love a job in that field! While we were talking, a young woman stopped as well to hear Elizabeth's story and handed her $40. Elizabeth was very grateful for the backpack we gave her and for the hopeful message we shared with her. She said she was thirsty but split her last bottle of water with her dog, so she was glad to see the water packed in our backpacks. We also greeted her dog with LOTS of dog treats! Once we left, Elizabeth thanked us and hugged Dawn. We wish you and your dog the best of luck for the future, Elizabeth!

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