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The best poncho that money can buy!

It was raining pretty heavily when we handed Barbie a bag! Unfortunately, she didn't have any cover to protect her from the rain, so she looked through the bag and asked if there was anything that could help keep her dry. Confidently, Amro and Max spoke highly of the reusable rain poncho, saying it was the best quality out there and would keep her dry as a desert. Excited, Barbie quickly opened the poncho, put it on, and... RIP! It tore straight down from the neck-hole. Thankfully, there was also an umbrella in the bag to help protect Barbie from the rain, but we all thought this was funny and had a good laugh! She really liked the umbrella, the blanket, and even the poncho but said it would be helpful if we could include socks in our bags, as she had only been able to wear socks that she had found lying on the streets. She also told us where we could find more members of our homeless community to help. We thank you for helping us, Barbie, and we hope we were able to return the favor!

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