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A Touching Story

This afternoon, we met Jerry... a car accident survivor amongst 3. Jerry is a 62 year old man from North Carolina. In 1993, Jerry was in a fatal car accident with 3 other inficuidals. Jerry, fortunate enough to survive, was the only one who made it out breathing. Jerry was in a coma for 23 days where in that time everyone he had known in the car had already been buried. Jerry suffers from PTSD and many other mental disabilities following his coma and tragic experience. He says that his brain has never felt the same following the incident. He currently is living in low income Section-A housing and is living off disability checks. He tells us that it is barely enough to cover the basic necessities and is always looking for extra help. He was able to give us a copy of his article which we have attached below. His article was published nationally for people to learn about traumatic brain injuries. We wish him the best and hope you can get the chance to read this powerful story from his own perspective.

Jerry’s Story
Download PDF • 6.12MB

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