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Creative Kitty

Early on in our journey we met Kitty, which is what everyone knows her as. She is an "Ave Legend," having been on the streets for a couple years now. She is a Florida native that came up to Seattle to escape the Florida heat. She graduated culinary school and loves to bake sweets. She has always been artistically gifted and talented. She has been working her way up from the streets, trung to find culinary positions in the workforce but COVID-19 has made it difficult on her. She is currently trying to find Section-A housing and is trying to help fund it by selling her handcrafted paintings which she makes to help her deal with her anxiety without taking medications. We were able to give her a care package and also purchase two of her pieces to hang up in our house! It was truly a pleasure to talk to Kitty and we wish her the utmost best in her future!

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