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Someone to speak to...

During the afternoon, Tanya (one of the volunteers from TD Bank) and I approached a woman who was sitting under an old phone booth, sobbing. We realized that she was in need and could not pass by. We kneeled next to her and told her: “We are here to listen, if you would like to share.” We have chosen not to include details about her situation to preserve her anonymity. Through tears, she told us about her situation, and we listened to all she had to share. As she continued to open up about her life, we found her to have a remarkable sense of humor and a big smile. She even joked with us about having to tape a phone to her hand so that she would not lose it (she’s lost it too many times to count now!). She was extremely appreciative of us coming and listening to her. Tanya was able to share some information about potentially getting involved in a vocational school that would help fast track her to obtaining a place to live. The conversation started in tears, but by the end, we had smiles all around, and we hope we brightened her day by being there for her.

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