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Meet China, a singer-songwriter!

We had the pleasure of meeting China today near Times Square. China loves to travel, moving from places like California all the way to our very own New York City. She is currently pregnant and expects her first child this December. She spoke about her partner and how their relationship has helped them cope through their time on the streets. Her partner loves to play video games... something Amro can relate to! China has tried playing video games herself but prefers reading instead, telling us about how her imagination helps paint the scenes she reads in her mind. She is also a singer and songwriter, and the genre of music she likes to sing is folk music. China really loved the idea of walking around and talking with other members of our homeless community, saying that she believes that type of therapy is really helpful. Inspired by her life experiences, China dreams of becoming a therapist in the future. We wish you the best of luck on your journey, China, and we hope you liked your bag!

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