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Coffee and basketball with Jeffrey!

Yesterday afternoon, we had a great discussion with Jeffrey as we sat inside our local Wendy's and ordered him a cup of warm coffee. Jeffrey told us of his favorite sport—basketball! He used to play as a forward when he was younger. We spoke of some of the old greats, like Michael Jordan and Dr. J. In fact, we realized that we all had something in common—in some way or another, we've all had encounters with professional basketball players! Jeffrey told us of how he once played with Dr. J, Max told him of how he once met Jason Kidd, and Amro spoke about how his father once played billiards with Scottie Pippen. Overall, we had a great talk!

Jeffrey wanted to emphasize to us that life is what you make of it and to exercise patience with everything you do—slow and steady wins the race, so there's no need to rush anything in life. We're very thankful for these wise words, and we hope you liked your bag, Jeffrey!

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