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Our Mission

At projectUmbrella, our mission is to lend a helping hand to the homeless communities of New York City and Seattle. Starting from 2015 in New York City, we've been handing out care packages containing seasonal essentials, such as umbrellas for the winter and sunscreen for the summer, and as of 2021, we expanded to helping the homeless community in Seattle as well. While handing out care packages, we do our best to go beyond giving by focusing on getting to know our homeless community and listening to their stories. Through our mission, we hope to inspire others to appreciate how much acknowledgement and a simple conversation can mean to our homeless community.

We believe that everyone deserves to have their story heard.

Meet The Seattle Team


Rami Sibai


Logan Krumholz


Louis Serchuk


Mazen Sibai

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Dylan Stone


Tom Jubin


Nick Setter


Billy Wilkerson

What have we done recently?

Fall 2023

As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approached, the projectUmbrella Seattle team had the privilege of distributing 24 care packages to our houseless neighbors throughout the Greater Seattle area. As our team has greatly expanded over the past few years, we were able to expand our regional radius, connecting with many more new neighbors. Each person we met dearly touched our hearts with their remarkable resilience and inspiring life stories.

Spring 2023

After finding much success working with SHARE/WHEEL's Tent City, the projectUmbrella Seattle team was able to put together over 250 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, 50 pounds of bananas, and water bottles for our houseless neighbors in the Greater Seattle Area. We had the pleasure of getting to know our neighbors and hearing more about their unique experiences while part of the Tent City initiative.

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Spring 2023

The projectUmbrella Seattle team was invited to and had the pleasure to speak on a panel organized by the Associated Students of the University of Washington to promote community aid within the Greater Seattle area. We touched on who we are, the projectUmbrella mission, and how to get involved!

Fall 2022

For this season's distribution, the projectUmbrella team experimented with a new way of giving, donating over 400 handmade peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and water bottles to SHARE/WHEEL's Tent City. This organization offers safe and temporary housing for our houseless neighbors, all of which are self-managed by the community itself. We were able to chat with a few of our neighbors and hear about their unique experiences living and managing this particular Tent City location. 


Spring 2022

This season's distribution was one for the books! We were able to hand out 24 bags to our homeless neighbors as well as hear about their inspiring experiences. Throughout the entirety of this event, we were able to hear some of the most powerful stories yet! We met so many amazing individuals all while spreading the projectUmbrella mission in a positive manner! 

Fall 2021

As COVID-19 restrictions have eased, we were able to organize our biggest distribution yet! We, at projectUmbrella, have taken the necessary precautions in order to adjust to CDC implemented guidelines. Through this distribution, we were able to hand out 48 bags to our homeless neighbors. Our team was able to expand our boundaries and meet homeless neighbors outside the general Seattle area and deeper into suburbs within our community.


Spring 2021

With the rise of COVID-19, we encountered roadblocks while organizing our first major distribution. We have confidently adapted to the new circumstances and aim to hand out 24 bags to our homeless neighbors near U-District, Downtown Seattle, and "The Ave." We hope to meet many new amazing people and have a positive impact on their days!

Our Mission
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