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Meet Malik!

Our good friends and volunteers Celine and Yuan met Malik while he was playing drums in a subway station. Malik is from the Bronx and is a trained electrician, but lately he has found it difficult to find a stable job in his field. He plays the drums on the side to make some extra cash—check out his performance in the video below! After playing drums for Celine and Yuan, Malik told them about Bella, his one-year-old pit bull. Malik explained how Bella is his life and how he often finds himself loving dogs more than people. He says he feels this way because dogs are eternally loyal and will never stab anyone in the back. Very generously, Malik does his best to rescue dogs from Tennessee, and he has a passion for dog training. He is currently working on a manual with some of his tips and tricks to help others train their dogs, and he plans on calling it "The Dog Manual." You can feel Malik's love for dogs in his words—it's no wonder why his friends call him "The Dog Man!" We wish Malik the best of luck in his noble endeavors to rescue and train dogs, and we thank him for sharing his story with us!

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