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Meet the incredible Tyrone!

Our conversation with Tyrone left us feeling empowered! Tyrone was working as a porter for 11 years in Long Island. Due to some medical complications, he lost his job two years ago. As a father, grandfather, and widower, Tyrone has had many setbacks, but none of them could break him. He continues to be an independent and hard-working man with an insatiable positive attitude. He persistently told us that he will get through his struggles. As part of his day, Tyrone reads through the dictionary and transcribes each word that he reads. He showed us his notepad, which contained an astounding 941 words! He also is currently reading about South Africa to sharpen his understanding of different cultures and people groups. After we presented the backpack to him, he immediately opened it up and began drinking the water. He told us that he will definitely be using the other contents throughout the hot day. Tyrone also believes in lending a hand to others around him, and he does so by encouraging and inspiring others in his community that they will make it through their struggles. Tyrone has set his goals to find another occupation and receive his own place. We are thankful to have met and conversed with this incredible man, and we wish him the best of luck for the future!

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